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Why Bloxpro ?

Designed for beginners and experienced traders.

Our indicators are designed to make trading easy, accessible, and profitable for everyone.

Trading Indicators

High-quality tools for targeted and effective trading strategies.


Exchange ideas with like-minded individuals and learn from the best.

Strategy Guides

Step-by-step instructions to optimally utilize each indicator.

Easy to Use

BloxPro SMC Premium Indicator

With the SMC indicator, you have access to a clearly structured system. Utilize the functions you need – from liquidity strategies and market structures to order blocks, trading volumes, and other advanced approaches.

The Perfect Starter System

BloxPro Overlay & Signal Indicator

The Overlay Indicator provides you with clear market representations. Integrate it to better visualize trends and formations, and optimize your trading decisions.

Unique Trading Style

BloxPro Momentum Oszillator

With the Momentum Oscillator, you can instantly recognize market momentum. Use it to measure trend strengths, identify turning points, and refine your trading strategies.

Effectively Utilizing Indicators: Our Top Strategies

Gain access to top-tier trading strategies and understandable guides. Use our premium indicators to optimize your trading and make more secure trading decisions.

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How Does It Work?

Once you purchase a plan, you will receive a link to immediately access our 3 premium indicators on your TradingView charts. You can also connect your account to join our member area and enjoy a complete community experience along with real-time product updates. If you encounter any issues, please send your username to

Can BloxPro Predict Financial Markets with 100% Accuracy?

No, there is no algorithm or indicator that can predict financial markets with 100% certainty. Bloxpro provides tools to assist traders in better managing their trades independently and controlling risks. Our tools are not meant to be blindly followed.

For which markets and timeframes are our tools suitable?

The Bloxpro indicators work on any market available on TradingView, including stocks, crypto, forex, futures, and commodities, and across all timeframes such as 1m, 5m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, etc.